Cut labour time in half and get paid quicker.

Quantim cuts law firm bookkeeping labour time in half, giving a law firm a very powerful tool at their disposal: the time and ability to look for and recognise shortcomings.

How It Works

What do we offer?
The ideal accounting solution for law firms that does it all!

Any Size


Our program provides it all!

Aspiring to achieve the goals you’ve always dreamt of? Leave it in our hands.

We provide accounting software for all attorneys and legal firms, from small start-ups, family-run businesses to major corporations.



Our program fits in with the way you do business

We are all different, each one with a unique DNA. So, we understand that your business needs may differ.

We customise our product to suit your wants and needs so that we provide you with the perfect solution to fit your needs!



The solution you have been waiting for!

We provide you with the perfect solution to operate your business more efficiently and effectively.

We integrate our software into your business as seamless as possible ensuring a smooth transition so that you can cruise at a steady altitude.

Save Time


We know time is of essence

Are your to-do lists getting longer and deadlines looming? Let us take control to help you focus on more important things.

Our software allows you to spend more time on doing what you do best.



Practice makes perfect

We provide you with the confidence you deserve.

We offer training to your people and make sure they’re equipped to work competently whenever, wherever.



Give your business the boost it deserves

Added plus, you can count on us.

We offer hands-on support on an ongoing basis, ensuring your accounts add up, we provide extra training where needed, and we suggest changes to your system in order to enhance workflow.


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